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We buy houses for cash and give you peace of mind knowing our firm offers don’t change before closing. Regardless of the condition, we offer cash and close as fast as 10 days.

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House in Despair

House repair costs have become too much.

Many costly home repairs occur when you’re not ready financially.

Owning your own home is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. But it comes with a lot of responsibility for maintenance, some of which is routine. Other crisis repairs can crop up and take you by surprise.

We have the ideal solution if you’re facing high repair costs. We can buy your house “as is” – you won’t have to do any cleaning or pay for any repairs. You won’t even have to pay Realtor commissions or normal closing costs.

It starts with a visit to your house that won’t cost you a thing. Often on that one visit, we make a firm cash offer you can depend on. You’ll know how much cash you’ll receive for your house, and we can close when you want, in as little 7-10 days. We buy houses “AS IS,” so you don’t have to repair, paint or even clean Paragraphup a thing; you can even leave behind anything you don’t want to move. We make it easy and fast for you to have cash in hand and make a fresh start.

Your house will have a fresh start, too, after necessary repairs give it a new life.

The property needed a lot of repairs. After touring the place, they made us an offer the same day and there was nothing else we needed to do. We didn’t need to repair anything, clean anything, just move what we wanted and leave! JR and the team really did come through for us!

-Diana B.

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!

Selling an inherited house

Wondering what happens when you inherit a house?

It’s an amazing kindness when a relative remembers you by willing you a house. But often, what happens when you inherit a house is you become responsible for the monthly mortgage payments, the annual insurance premiums, property taxes and any other liens or debt on the property. You may own it with other relatives that all have a say in the decisions about the house. And there’s Federal inheritance tax to pay. Plus, you may be having to deal with the house from several states away. ​

In our experience, it’s pretty common that an inherited house becomes more of a burden than a blessing.

You have options for selling an inherited house.

Usually, the first method considered by people who are selling an inherited house is a traditional listing and sale. What they don’t often consider is the upfront cost of updating, repairing, cleaning and whatever else is needed to get the house ready for sale, and potentially needing multiple parties to agree on each of those decisions. Then there are Realtor fees and closing costs to consider. And there’s no guarantee of how quickly it will sell.​

What about a quick all-cash sale?

A quick and easy cash sale to We flip Cali can be just the solution. No one has to clean the property or repair anything. We can even arrange to deal with the contents of the house. Take whatever you want and leave the rest for us to deal with. You don’t give up any cash for Realtor commissions or normal closing costs. We can close in as quick as 1 week, or whatever suits your timeline, and you could have cash to pay inheritance taxes, to resolve debt, and to put in the bank.​

And the only thing you and other inheritors of the house have to agree upon is our offer to buy the house “as is” for all cash.

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